Negative Population Growth, Inc. (NPG) is a national nonprofit membership organization. It was founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources and standard of living. We believe that our nation is already vastly overpopulated in terms of the long-range carrying capacity of its resources and environment.

We urgently need, therefore, a National Population Policy with the goal of eventually stabilizing our population at a sustainable level, far below today's. after an interim period of negative growth.

Most politicians, big business and its supporting economists call for growth as a solution to all our problems. Apparently, they believe in perpetual growth, which is a mathematical absurdity on a finite planet. There must be limits. Science is demonstrating that human population and consumption in the United States and the world are already too large and are destroying the natural systems that support us. We must not simply stop population growth; we must turn it around.

Since 1972, NPG has been making that case. We do not simply identify the problems, we propose solutions.

A New Series: We are introducing a new series of articles under the title The President's Column. As they appear the articles will be listed chronologically in this section "News and Commentary".

An Introduction to the President’s Column 
by Don Mann, President, NPG, Inc.

Since NPG was founded over 40 years ago I have been convinced that NPG at bottom is an economic theory: namely, that our goal should be to maximize per capita income and wealth for all, in a way that would be sustainable for the very long term, and that the only way to achieve that goal is by a negative rate of population growth until our economy has been reduced to a sustainable size.

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Open Appeal To The 114th Congress

This Ad appeared in The Washington Times on August 17, 2015.  OPEN APPEAL TO THE 114TH CONGRESS REFORM THE INSANE POLICY OF AUTOMATIC BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP! The current policy of unrestricted birthright citizenship adds hundreds of thousands of people to our already overpopulated nation each year. It’s time to come to our senses and reform this […]

The Other Soil Erosion: Long-Term Erosion of Our Productive Farmland Base from U.S. Population Growth

  The Other Soil Erosion: Long-Term Erosion of Our Productive Farmland Base from U.S. Population Growth  Introduction – Appreciating the Land That Feeds Us In the new century, sustainable agriculture has become a buzzword of sorts, and fresh, healthy (preferably organic), locally-grown food is an ideal if not a mantra. In the Mid-Atlantic States, for […]

New NPG Paper Finds Erosion of U.S. Farmland Directly Linked to Population Growth

New NPG Paper Finds Erosion of U.S. Farmland Directly Linked to Population Growth Expert analysis finds that if population growth continues, America’s food security is at serious risk. View this release on PRWeb Click here for a downloadable, printable PDF version This NPG national Press Release was picked up by hundreds of media outlets across the […]

Update: EPA Spill and Animas River Pollution

In recent days, millions of residents of the desert Southwest – ranging from Colorado to Utah – have had a new environmental hazard to contend with.   In one of the most embarrassing environmental debacles in recent years, on August 5th the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accidentally released 3 million gallons of hazardous mine […]

New GAO Report Finds Executive Amnesty Caused Illegal Influx

A new report has been released from the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) regarding the recent surge of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) illegally crossing our nation’s southern border. The GAO report echoes what NPG has long held… …President Obama’s Executive Amnesty programs are directly linked to the influx of illegal aliens. The White House […]

Endangered Species – Another Consequence of Population Growth

  UPDATE: Endangered Species – Another Consequence of Population Growth On Saturday, August 1st, large crowds gathered by the Empire State Building in New York City. In response to the recent killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe – which sparked international outrage against trophy hunting and animal extinction – the Empire State Building projected […]

Deputy Director’s Corner

Deputy Director’s Corner A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reveals that from 2009-2013, an estimated 2.5 million people were added to America’s population of illegal aliens. According to the report: “The total number of illegal immigrants (11 to 12 million) has held roughly constant in recent years because the number arriving […]

Beijing Takes the Lead on Population Policy

  Beijing announces new policy to limit population… According to a recent article in Focus News, “China’s national capital Beijing has announced plans to build a new administrative center adjacent to the city to address growing… woes.”  An announcement from the Communist Party of China explained a new guideline for the city’s future growth, which […]