Negative Population Growth, Inc. (NPG) is a national nonprofit membership organization. It was founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources and standard of living. We believe that our nation is already vastly overpopulated in terms of the long-range carrying capacity of its resources and environment.

We urgently need, therefore, a National Population Policy with the goal of eventually stabilizing our population at a sustainable level, far below today's. after an interim period of negative growth.

Most politicians, big business and its supporting economists call for growth as a solution to all our problems. Apparently, they believe in perpetual growth, which is a mathematical absurdity on a finite planet. There must be limits. Science is demonstrating that human population and consumption in the United States and the world are already too large and are destroying the natural systems that support us. We must not simply stop population growth; we must turn it around.

Since 1972, NPG has been making that case. We do not simply identify the problems, we propose solutions.

An Introduction to the President’s Column 
by Don Mann, President, NPG, Inc.

Since NPG was founded over 40 years ago I have been convinced that NPG at bottom is an economic theory: namely, that our goal should be to maximize per capita income and wealth for all, in a way that would be sustainable for the very long term, and that the only way to achieve that goal is by a negative rate of population growth until our economy has been reduced to a sustainable size.

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New NPG Paper Explores Demographic Assault on Fragile Planet

New NPG Paper Explores Demographic Assault on Fragile Planet Analysis finds the “overwhelming scale” of Earth’s problems comes from resource demands of continued population growth. View this release on PRWeb Alexandria, VA (April 27, 2016) – As 2016 marks the 250th birthday of population reduction pioneer Thomas Malthus, debate surrounding overpopulation has become reignited.  In […]

Deputy Director’s Corner

Deputy Director’s Corner NPG Deputy Director Tracy Canada can be reached by email at After celebrating Earth Day yesterday, the environmental impact of today’s world is certainly at the forefront of my mind. All across America this weekend, millions of environmentally-aware citizens are packing into stadiums and coliseums, reviewing “green technology” expos and watching […]

Celebrate and Give Back with NPG

NPG will again participate in this annual celebration – which represents an international call to action to change our world and protect our future. Tomorrow we are celebrating a holiday dedicated to protecting our world’s precious environment – when charities, families, businesses, community centers, students, retailers and more will all come together for Earth Day. […]

Earth Day Petition Needs YOUR Signature!

Our Planet Needs Your Help TODAY! As a committed NPG supporter, I know you certainly recognize that many of our nation’s challenges are population-driven. Government budgets are stretched to their limits. Our young people are graduating from college to find a U.S. economy without enough jobs to support their future. The infrastructure which supports our […]

NPG April Progress Report

The truth is – when it comes to our nation’s future, we face greater challenges today than ever before. The solutions are not easy, but it has never been more urgent that we continue our mission. Since our founding in 1972, NPG has had one primary objective: to educate the American public and policy makers […]