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Take a Stand on Giving “Anchor Babies” Automatic U.S. Citizenship


American citizenship is one of the most coveted and valuable things in the world today. Millions of illegal immigrants flock to our country in the hope that they will gain citizenship someday thanks to spineless political leaders who don’t believe in the rule of law.

However, for those illegal aliens who hope to have a long stay in America and gain access to all of its valuable benefits, they quite often make their wishes come true by taking advantage of our outdated birthright citizenship laws and having an “anchor baby.”

The incentives for illegals to have a baby born in the U.S. are simple and enticing:

  • Their baby is granted automatic U.S. citizenship under the present interpretation of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution;
  • The odds are that the immediate family of the baby will not be deported if the Customs and Immigration Service ever tracks them down; and
  • When the baby turns 21, he or she can legally bring extended family members into the U.S. under current “chain migration” policies.

In recent months, this outdated and wrong-headed policy on anchor babies has moved to the forefront of national debate. And national polls show that there is widespread support to get Congress to either:

  1. Pass legislation (H.R. 140) to change the current law as to who is eligible for automatic birthright citizenship (which could be challenged in the courts), or;
  2. Enact a new Constitutional amendment that will clearly define the present 14th Amendment and put a stop to those abusing anchor baby rules once and for all.

Both of these reforms must start in Congress.



Approximately 300,000 anchor babies are born each year to parents who are not U.S. citizens – that’s over 12% of our nation’s annual population growth. These numbers will likely increase each year and add to our already out-of-control population growth if we do nothing and let this absurd policy remain intact.

The powerful pro-immigration lobby is already hard at work to block any reconsideration of automatic citizenship for babies born to illegal immigrants. They will be very forceful as they work to halt efforts to change the law and adjust it to fit today’s present policies.

Our nation already faces the prospect of our population rising from its current 323 million people to 400 million by mid-century. That’s why NPG is ready to lead the battle to change our nonsensical birthright citizenship laws – and it’s why we need you to join us.

For over 40 years, NPG has stood as America’s premier non-profit grassroots organization working for a serious, no-nonsense population policy. We have long spearheaded the fight for sensible and responsible immigration policies – as the vast majority of U.S. population growth stems directly from immigration and leads to additional social, economic and environmental destruction for all Americans.



As our so-called political leaders work to weaken our nation’s immigration policies, we must fight like mad to strengthen them – or pay a huge price in the long term. Reforming America’s anchor baby policies is the cornerstone of that fight!

An estimated 4.5 million current U.S. residents have received citizenship via our current anchor baby laws. That number will surely soar with the countless millions of illegals now in the U.S. – and especially with the newly-developing “baby drop” tourism. We need thousands and thousands of citizens like you to speak up now and demand reform.

So please, act today to sign the petition – and then back your signature with a generous contribution of $50, $30, $20, or whatever you can send to help NPG build nationwide momentum to put an end to the current practice of automatic citizenship.

Remember, the anchor baby problem is not simply an immigration issue, it’s a critical population issue as well. Leaving the current law in place will add countless millions of people to our nation’s population in the coming decades. There is a limit to how many people America can sustain and still offer a decent quality of life.

NPG, Inc

We Need a Smaller Population
We recognize that our impact on the environment, in terms of pollution and resource depletion, is the product of our numbers times our per capita consumption of energy and materials.Thus, there are only three ways by which that impact can be reduced:

• By reducing the size of our population by a negative rate of population growth.
• By reducing overconsumption by simplifying lifestyles.
• By reducing resource depletion and pollution per unit of consumption through more efficient use of energy and materials.

Population size is by far the most critical of those three variables.Nevertheless, our present scale of economic activity is so large relative to the biosphere that all three measures are needed in order to reduce it to a sustainable level.
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