NPG Finds New California Laws Are Expanding the Welcome Mat for Illegal Immigration

Alexandria, VA – An analysis by Negative Population Growth (NPG) of California’s new immigration laws finds that they will increase population growth, both nationally and in California.  Enacted in October, the laws further shield illegal aliens from federal enforcement and grant them added incentives to remain – and for others to come.

NPG President Don Mann noted that the analysis of the laws, written by NPG Senior Advisor Dave Simcox, shows how California lawmakers’ accommodation of illegal immigration is indirectly setting new population policy.  This trend may influence the practices of other states of significant unlawful settlement, facilitating pass-through illegal immigration from California to the rest of the country.  In Washington’s current paralysis, California – already a major trendsetter – may come to be regarded as the wave of the future for illegal immigration procedure.

According to Mann, NPG’s analysis highlights a troubling double-standard:  the White House and open-border lobby have quietly accepted state laws which hinder federal prosecution, while legislation that encourages enforcement is met with massive protests and lawsuits by the Department of Justice.  The quick endorsement of California’s new laws by recently-resigned Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is clear evidence of Washington’s acquiescence to state defiance of federal regulations.

Mann considered the new laws a serious set-back for the cause of population stability and ultimate reduction – not just in California, but for the entire nation.  He warned that today’s encouragement of illegal immigration will mean additional amnesties and greater demands for family reunification in the future.  With the incentives in the law, illegal aliens will be less likely to leave and more likely to encourage family and friends to join them.  For those now pondering illegal entry, the state has made this a less risky option.

NPG’s analysis notes that California’s population growth has slowed somewhat in the past decade, though the state still grew by 28 percent between 1990 and 2010.  The state’s birthrate remains higher than the national average, with its population projected to reach 50 million around 2040.  But Mann noted that illegal immigration is again on the rise after its recession slow-down.  Current projections may be too low if this resurgence in illegal immigration – abetted by the state’s politicians – persists and grows.


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