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If ordinary Americans like you don’t take a stand now, the politicians and their big business allies are going to flood this country with even more illegal immigrants. 

These cronies are going to destroy our economy, overwhelm our roads, collapse our educational and social welfare systems, and ruin our environment.

They want cheap labor and immigrant votes.  And they are determined to get them.

Please take one minute to complete the National Immigration Policy Survey.  Congress is debating immigration right now.  The politicians need to know what you think about this critical issue.

Then, please forward this email to everyone you know who doesn’t want America to be overwhelmed with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of additional immigrants.

Homebuilders and real estate developers want to flood this country with more and more people.  They want cheap labor and a reason to build and sell more houses.

Do you think that is right?

They are lobbying Congress hard on this issue.  So now, YOU need to make your voice heard.

Then there are the high tech billionaires.  They want to throw open America’s borders and allow inexpensive foreign workers to pour in and undercut American engineers and software developers.

Congress is getting an earful from them.  Don’t you think you should have a say?

We started this National Immigration Policy Survey  because we believe ordinary Americans like you should be heard.

After all, the tidal wave of humanity that is going to come in and overwhelm our nation affects you – profoundly!

As things are right now, the population of the U.S. is going to soar from 320 million to over 400 million by 2050.

Every special interest that will benefit from increasing our population is spending millions lobbying Congress.

They want open borders and unlimited immigration, no matter how it affects average people like you and me.

Congress must hear from you.  Please take the National Immigration Policy Survey  today.  And ask everyone you know to do the same.

The simple fact is this:  Everyone on the planet can’t move here.  Like a boat, our nation will simply capsize unless we stop this open-borders madness!

Please complete your survey now.  This is YOUR chance to be heard!

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We Need a Smaller Population
We recognize that our impact on the environment, in terms of pollution and resource depletion, is the product of our numbers times our per capita consumption of energy and materials.Thus, there are only three ways by which that impact can be reduced:

• By reducing the size of our population by a negative rate of population growth.
• By reducing overconsumption by simplifying lifestyles.
• By reducing resource depletion and pollution per unit of consumption through more efficient use of energy and materials.

Population size is by far the most critical of those three variables.Nevertheless, our present scale of economic activity is so large relative to the biosphere that all three measures are needed in order to reduce it to a sustainable level.
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