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Idaho Population News Articles Real estate demand in eastern Idaho putting a crunch on the industry – March 3, 2018 Your commute could go faster with carpool lanes. Why doesn’t the Valley have any? – March 2, 2018 Forbes: Boise fastest-growing city in the U.S. – March 1, 2018 Don’t be Penny-Wise and Pound Foolish About […]


NPG State Fact Sheet To foster greater interest in population issues on the state and local level, NPG has published a new series of State Fact Sheets. Full of useful and targeted information, the valuable Focus On series will be used to engage NPG supporters in specific areas as well as offer insightful data for […]

The UN 2010 Population Projections: A Proposal

The United Nations Population Division on May 3rd released its 2010 world population projections. The study is the best available collection of current world demographic data, but the projections, as usual, are something of a parlor game. They involve questionable and highly optimistic assumptions about fertility and mortality. They ignore other studies that identify external forces that will […]

Population and the American Predicament: The Case Against Complacency

By: John P. Holdren Introduction by NPG President Donald Mann (August 2007) The following paper by Professor John Holdren was published in 1973, the year after the Rockefeller Commission on Population and the American Future recommended unavailingly to President Nixon and the public that America grow no more. We have conserved it for so many […]

Proposed National Population Policy

  NPG believes that a national policy to turn U.S. population growth around is critically needed. (See the Position Papers and the FORUM series in the Publications List on our web site, In this paper, we offer a series of specific proposals as to how to accomplish that goal. We recognize the political resistances in the way […]

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