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Land, Water and Energy Versus the Ideal U.S. Population

Scientific evidence is mounting concerning rapid population growth in the United States that is causing the deterioration of life supporting environmental resources (Bartlett and Lytwak, 1995; Grant, 2000, 2003; Pimentel and Pimentel, 2003; Sachs, 2004). Genuine concerns are expressed about future food security, prosperity, quality of human life, and maintaining the personal freedoms Americans now […]

Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis

Dr. Bartlett’s comments on the 20th Anniversary of “Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis”    Background Around 1969, college and university students developed a major interest in the environment and, stimulated by this, I began to realize that neither I nor the students had a good understanding of the implications of steady growth, and in particular, of […]

Food, Energy, and Society

Food, Energy, and Society by David and Marcia Pimentel, Editors University Press of Colorado, 1996, Revised Edition. Hardback. Food, Energy, and Society provides a detailed evaluation of the link between two of the greatest problems we face today – uncontrolled population growth and the destruction of our various life-supporting systems – food, land, water, and […]

National Survey Reveals U.S. Students’ Concerns about Population and Environment Issues

A national student survey conducted in recent months by Negative Population Growth (NPG) in classrooms throughout America has revealed a worrisome complacence about critical population and environmental issues that will impact the future of many young people.  The survey results were compiled from a questionnaire distributed by hundreds of 9th-12th grade teachers in classrooms across the nation.[…]

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