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District Of Columbia

District of Columbia Population News Articles Hyperloop: Will it live up to the hype? – January 8, 2018 Maine among 14 states suing EPA to enforce air quality standards – December 8, 2017  How foreign investors are transforming a long-forgotten D.C. neighborhood – November 22, 2017 Why D.C. Water’s impervious area charge is important – […]

NPG Releases New Forum Paper on Millennials’ Impact on U. S. Population Growth and Sustainability

Are the changing values of Millennials – the generation of Americans born between 1980 and 2000 – concerning family size, life-style, and resource use improving the prospects for a sustainable U.S. through lower population growth and reduced consumption?
NPG President Don Mann finds strong evidence for that view in a new Forum paper by NPG’s senior economist and demographic researcher Edwin Rubenstein […]

Grant Kleiman – $1,000 Winner

by Grant Kleiman – Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN The Population Elevator Keeps Going Up Imagine you’re on an elevator and twelve people get on. Your face is squashed against the wall. The smell of aftershave and body odor makes you nauseous. The elevator stops and someone else tries to get on. “Get lost!” someone […]

New NPG Paper Shows Serious Impact of U.S. Population Growth on Climate Change

Your gift helps publish and distribute materials like this. Download a PDF of this release here. New NPG Paper Shows Serious Impact of U.S. Population Growth on Climate Change Expert analysis reveals that U.S. population growth is “the most important factor in CO2 emissions emanating from this country.” On January 20th, Donald Trump will be […]

New NPG Paper Links Overpopulation to Dwindling Resources

Expert geologist Dr. Walter Youngquist calls for a “greatly reduced”population as a critical element of the solution to global resource shortages.
As the controversy surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline continues, debate over America’s fossil fuel dependence and threats to our essential resources have become reignited. In response to the renewed public interest in these critical matters, Negative Population Growth (NPG) will release a new Forum paper today highlighting the links between population growth, reliance on[…]

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