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A Vast Social Experiment: The Immigration Act of 1965

Click here for a downloadable, printable PDF version The United States had left regulation of immigration to the coastal states until the Supreme Court in 1875 declared that this was exclusively a national, not a state responsibility. Congress struggled through four decades to create a coherent policy that would bring under control the large-scale and […]

Whatever Happened to the Teeming Millions? (An NPG Internet Forum Paper)

by David Nicholson-Lord Once it was the word on everyone’s lips, now “population” is the environmental issue that dares not speak its name. David Nicholson-Lord raises the flag for an unfashionable concern. Are you worried about population growth? Then you’re in the minority. Mention it as an issue to any gathering of environmentalists these days, […]

Social Security and the Fear of Aging

For a decade or so, we have been besieged by stories about impending population decline in Europe and Japan, the prospect of a worsening dependency ratio and too few workers to support the aged. To this chorus there have now been added urgent proposals to “reform” U.S. Social Security because it is supposedly running out of money — although […]

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