This ad appeared in the Washington Times Weekly starting April 16, 2018.

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As America prepares to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, you have a huge responsibility to make sure that large and small
policies and actions on the federal, state and local level give top priority to environmental concerns.

With our nation’s population continuing to soar by tens of millions of people each decade – and set to approach 400 million
by 2050 – we members of Negative Population Growth appeal to you to do all you can to create a workable and responsible
national population policy.

There is little debate that population growth will be a driving force in feeding our environmental crises. A soaring
population will forever push nature’s limits and negate our national quest for clean air and water, and to protect all living
things. By failing to address the population issue now we risk creating a future where our environmental problems could well
grow beyond our ability to reverse or repair them.

On the first Earth Day in 1970, Americans stood united in promising to work together to address our nation’s environmental
problems. The original goal was – and remains – a livable future for all. Please don’t let our children and grandchildren down.

Thank you.

Concerned Members of NPG


There is no remedy that can possibly avert disastrous Climate Change and Global Warming unless we first address the problem of world population size and growth, and its impact on the size of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.That means that we need to address the population size and growth of each nation, which together make up the world total.

World population, now over 7.3 billion, is predicted to rise to 9 billion by 2050, an increase of almost two billion, or 23%, in the short space of only 34 years from now.In the highly unlikely event that per capita greenhouse gas emissions could possibly be decreased by an equal percentage in such a short space of time (a blink of an eye) the total amount of worldwide emission would remain the same!

From this simple illustration it would appear that without drastically reducing the size of world population, there is no solution to the problem.None at all.So then why do our world leaders pretend that there is one?What is to be gained by pretending rather than by proposing a solution that would solve the problem – a reduction in the size of world population to not more than 1- 2 billion?
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