End Sanctuary Cities: Amercian’s Ticking Time Bombs!

This ad appeared in the Washington Times on November 1, 2017.

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Does it make sense for elected leaders throughout America to openly defy our nation’s laws and off er safe haven to countless thousands of individuals who are illegally in our country – many of them with criminal records?

The answer is a resounding “NO.”

Today as local, state, and federal authorities wage a “war of enforcement” related to our country’s immigration laws, it is essential that “sanctuary” policies be eliminated as soon as possible in the more than 300 jurisdictions that offer them.

Sanctuary Cities Undermine America’s Rule of Law and Put American Lives At Risk

The very existence of sanctuary cities stands as a huge welcome sign to people across the globe to sneak into our country without the risk of being expelled. They foster lawlessness and undermine our nation’s security – at a time when we must protect all citizens from potential terrorists living within our midst. Failure to totally eliminate sanctuary policies will be a major setback to efforts to rein-in today’s out-of-control immigration and population  numbers.

NPG has been a leader in fighting the war on sanctuary cities. We have reached out to thousands of Americans to enlist their support in this battle, ran national media ads to alert citizens to the dire consequences of their elected leaders continuing such practices, and petitioned Congress to deny federal funds to cities that embrace “sanctuary madness.” We welcome President Trump’s efforts to end this ticking time bomb.

This year, NPG is celebrating our 45th year in promoting responsible population policies and fighting immigration lawlessness. As we work to fund our informative research, expand our valuable education projects, and take our message to millions more citizens to get them to help slow, halt and eventually reverse today’s soaring population numbers – we need your help.

The faster we can eliminate sanctuary cities,
The safer our nation will be!

Please join us.
Support NPG’s mission @ www.NPG.org.


There is no remedy that can possibly avert disastrous Climate Change and Global Warming unless we first address the problem of world population size and growth, and its impact on the size of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.That means that we need to address the population size and growth of each nation, which together make up the world total.

World population, now over 7.3 billion, is predicted to rise to 9 billion by 2050, an increase of almost two billion, or 23%, in the short space of only 34 years from now.In the highly unlikely event that per capita greenhouse gas emissions could possibly be decreased by an equal percentage in such a short space of time (a blink of an eye) the total amount of worldwide emission would remain the same!

From this simple illustration it would appear that without drastically reducing the size of world population, there is no solution to the problem.None at all.So then why do our world leaders pretend that there is one?What is to be gained by pretending rather than by proposing a solution that would solve the problem – a reduction in the size of world population to not more than 1- 2 billion?
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