President Obama’s Power Grab on the Dream Act Will Cause More Confusion for America’s Immigration Enforcement

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After suffering through more than a decade of government failure to secure our borders, enforce immigration laws and get serious about enacting responsible immigration policies, our nation is now confronted with a major new problem.

The Obama White House, without Congressional input or assent, has determined that it will practice selective non-enforcement of immigration statutes and permit as many as 1.4 million (or even more) illegal immigrants between the ages of 6 and 30 to remain in our country free of consequences. This action has sowed the seeds for a full-fledged amnesty program which could encompass millions of illegals now residing in our country.

NPG predicts that this presidential edict will create even more chaos in our dysfunctional immigration system and open the doors for massive fraud. The definition of “undocumented aliens” means that there is no paper trail available to determine when someone came into this country and whether they fully meet the criteria to be included in this “temporary” program.

Most important, in taking this Constitutionally-questionable action, President Obama has set a very dangerous precedent – one which could play havoc with future immigration policy.

Are we now to permit future presidents to decide on his or her own terms which immigration laws to enforce for individual groups? Are we going to concur in waiving the rules until there are no rules left?

Our nation is already living in a nightmare of our own making with a dysfunctional immigration system. It definitely does not serve America’s best interest to make it even worse.



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