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NPG’s Forum Series features original research and analysis on U.S. population issues and policy from some of the most prominent writers in the population field. This page features only our most recent Forum papers.

The Negative Economic Impact of Immigration on American Workers

We are a nation of immigrants: except for American Indians, we or our ancestors left other countries for a better life in the United States. For much of our history, immigration was good for the economy. Compared to Europe, the U.S. was well endowed with land and capital but relatively short of labor. By populating the frontier, increasing the size of the market economy, and adding valuable skills and expertise to the native workforce, successive waves of foreign workers enhanced the living standards of earlier immigrants as well as their U.S.-born children[…]

Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment

Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment A Note from NPG With the death in early September 2013 of Professor Al Bartlett at age 90, NPG – along with all others fighting for population limits that ensure a sustainable environment and lasting resource base for the future – lost an irreplaceable friend and ally. […]

There is Still Time (NPG Booknote)

There is Still Time NPG Booknote by David Simcox Peter Seidel, a longtime advocate of population reduction and friend and supporter of NPG, has released a new book: There is Still Time (360 Editions; Cincinnati, Ohio, 2015 – available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble). This short book asks and answers critical questions for all […]

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