Peak Coal

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The Energy Watch Group (EWG) in Germany has produced the most detailed and most disquieting study I have yet seen of the future of world coal production. They start, as do most writers on the future of coal, from the national statistical data compiled by the World Energy Council (WEC), but they proceed from there to an exhaustive examination of those data and others. Their analysis leads to a much less sanguine view of the future of coal than most of us have uncritically accepted.

Lindsey Grant

Lindsey Grant is a retired Foreign Service Officer; he was a China specialist and served as Director of the Office of Asian Communist Affairs, National Security Council staff member, and Department of State policy Planning staff member. As Deputy Secretary of State for Environmental and Population Affairs, he was Department of State coordinator for the Global 2000 Report to the President, Chairman of the interagency committee on Int'l Environmental Committee and US member of the UN ECE Committee of Experts on the Environment. His books include: Too Many People, Juggernaut, The Horseman and the Bureaucrat, Elephants in Volkswagen, How Many Americans?

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