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Adversaries, naturally, tend to regard each other as not just wrong, but morally wrong. Those of us in the population movement tend to see the selfish motives in those who would encourage more immigration — and more population growth — to compete with our own workers and overtax our resources and environment. There is certainly plenty of greed involved, but there are other mass immigration proponents who feel themselves genuinely moral, and us as morally flawed. The following NPG FOOTNOTE was written to convince those people that they are pursuing an impossible vision. Variations of this piece have appeared elsewhere; it appeared in this form in early 2012, but only on NPG’s website, and without fanfare, so we may assume that it was seen only by readers who systematically scan the site. We present it again here in order to call attention to a point of view that should be heard when mass immigration is being promoted by government policy and by the desperate search of Central Americans for a political and economic haven more secure and attractive than the turmoil they face at home. There will be plenty of future turmoil, and U.S. administrations that pursue politics rather than the well-being of our people. They should see this perspective of what they are doing.

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Lindsey Grant

Lindsey Grant is a retired Foreign Service Officer; he was a China specialist and served as Director of the Office of Asian Communist Affairs, National Security Council staff member, and Department of State policy Planning staff member. As Deputy Secretary of State for Environmental and Population Affairs, he was Department of State coordinator for the Global 2000 Report to the President, Chairman of the interagency committee on Int'l Environmental Committee and US member of the UN ECE Committee of Experts on the Environment. His books include: Too Many People, Juggernaut, The Horseman and the Bureaucrat, Elephants in Volkswagen, How Many Americans?

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