Americans Talk About Illegal Immigration – Poll Results (2003)

Final Report Prepared by RoperASW
March 2003

Table of Contents

Introduction and Method Overview
  I. General Attitudes Toward Immigration
  II. Approval of Methods to Deal With Illegal Immigration
  III. Views Regarding the Role State and Local Governments Should Play In Thwarting Illegal Immigration
  IV. Penalties for False Identification Documents
  V. Views Toward Employers and Illegal Immigration
Appendices: Demography and Survey Instrument

Introduction and Method Overview

This survey was undertaken on behalf of Negative Population Growth to explore several issues surrounding American attitudes toward illegal immigration and to gauge support for various measures to reduce it.


This report presents the findings of a nationally representative survey of 1,012 American adults (18+) who live in the continental United States. All sample was drawn randomly from an RDD (random digit dialing) list.

Interviewing dates, method and timing

All interviews were conducted by telephone from March 7-9, 2003. Each interview lasted approximately 7 minutes.

Sampling error

All samples are subject to some degree of sampling “error”—that is, statistical results obtained from a sample can be expected to differ somewhat from results that would be obtained if every member of the target population were interviewed. In this report, the maximum margin of error at a 95% confidence level is within +/- 2 percentage points for base sizes of 1,012. Subsample margins of error will be higher.


Completed interviews were weighted by age, sex, income, and region to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the target population.

Percentages not totaling 100%

For tabulation purposes, percentage points are rounded off to the nearest whole number. As a result, percentages in a given table column may total slightly higher or lower than 100%.

In questions that permit multiple responses, columns may total significantly more than 100%, depending on the number of different responses offered by each respondent. Similarly, when only selected responses are shown, percentages may total less than 100%.

Asterisks (*) are used when percentages fall below 0.5%. A dash (-) indicates 0%.

About RoperASW

RoperASW, an NOP World Company, is the merger of two of the world’s leading marketing research and consulting firms, Roper Starch Worldwide and Audits & Surveys Worldwide. For over 75 years, RoperASW has conducted public opinion polls and remains one of most respected names in the business.


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