Americans Talk About Illegal Immigration – Poll Results (2003)

I. General Attitudes Toward Immigration

Attitudes Toward Number of Legal Immigrants

Currently, immigration is the driving force behind population growth in the U.S. If present trends continue, the nation’s population is expected to be about 400 million people by the year 2050, up from 293 million now.

Most immigrants live in this country legally and have a visa, citizenship papers, or have gone through other official channels. The U.S. accepts about one million new legal immigrants a year.

Asked what they think is a “desirable” number of legal immigrants per year, most Americans (76%) would prefer immigration be kept below current levels (i.e., they say they would like to see less than one million per year admitted).

In fact, a majority (58%) would prefer fewer than 300,000 enter per year.

Opinions vary somewhat by age, with older Americans taking a harder line against legal immigration; in fact, one in four of those age 65+ (25%) would prefer to see no legal immigrants enter per year, whereas only one in twenty (5%) of those 18-24 have the same view.

Attitudes Toward Illegal Immigration

About 400,000 immigrants come to this country each year illegally, and it is estimated that 8 to 10 million illegal immigrants reside in the U.S. today.

Americans agree (85%) that illegal immigration is a “serious” problem, and over half (55%) say it is “very serious.”

Older Americans are particularly likely to hold this view. For example, persons age 65+ are twice as likely as 18-24 year olds to say illegal immigration is a “very serious” problem.

Setting Goals

As a measure of their concern about illegal immigration, most Americans approve setting as goals:

Completely halting illegal immigration (68%) and

The reduction of the number of illegal immigrants now present in the United States to near zero (67% agree)

Again, older Americans are particularly likely to agree these are worthy goals, with about twice as many 65+ year-olds than 18-24 year-olds “strongly agreeing” that such goals should be implemented.


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