NPG Launches Area-Wide Educational Project to Help Save the Chesapeake Bay

Alexandria, VA (1/23/09): Negative Population Growth, the nation’s premier population-focused organization, has launched a new “Chesapeake Bay Project” dedicated to focusing students’ attention on the Chesapeake Bay’s deteriorating environment.

The new program is designed to serve as both an educational project and a “call to action” for students to get involved in pressuring federal, state and local leaders to produce positive results in shaping the Bay’s future. A key element of the project is a newly created, full-color, fact-filled Chesapeake Bay Poster that focuses on the irrefutable correlation between population growth and overdevelopment in the Bay’s extensive watershed and the detrimental health of the Bay. Copies will arrive in more than 1,500 schools in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C. this week.

In announcing this extensive educational project NPG President Donald Mann noted: “Citizens who live in and around the Chesapeake Bay have had nothing but bad news about this phenomenal natural resource for decades on end. It’s time to rally a new generation of student activists to demand action.” Mann added that “Uncontrolled population growth and increasing development only serve to undermine and eventually doom efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay. Every forward step we take to clean the Bay is negated by more people and more economic growth and we only end up going backwards.” The solution: take steps now to halt and eventually reverse the present population growth that is adding an estimated 157,000 people per year to the area.

Mann underscored the benefit of getting students to rally around this issue by stating, “A vast majority of today’s young people are going to end up living, working and raising a family in the Chesapeake Bay area. They have a huge stake in the actions we must take today to protect its environment. Once they understand that reining-in population growth must top the list of what needs to be done now, we will finally be on the path to making progress in dealing with pollution, nutrient run-off and other destructive forces. ”

NPG is also launching a complementary media campaign in the coming weeks by running 30-second ads on select radio stations in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Negative Population Growth is a national nonprofit organization, founded in 1972, that serves as a grassroots network for tens of thousands of citizens who work together to educate the American public and our political leaders about the catastrophic effects of overpopulation on our environment and quality of life.




There is no remedy that can possibly avert disastrous Climate Change and Global Warming unless we first address the problem of world population size and growth, and its impact on the size of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.That means that we need to address the population size and growth of each nation, which together make up the world total.

World population, now over 7.3 billion, is predicted to rise to 9 billion by 2050, an increase of almost two billion, or 23%, in the short space of only 34 years from now.In the highly unlikely event that per capita greenhouse gas emissions could possibly be decreased by an equal percentage in such a short space of time (a blink of an eye) the total amount of worldwide emission would remain the same!

From this simple illustration it would appear that without drastically reducing the size of world population, there is no solution to the problem.None at all.So then why do our world leaders pretend that there is one?What is to be gained by pretending rather than by proposing a solution that would solve the problem – a reduction in the size of world population to not more than 1- 2 billion?
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