NPG Members Support State Legislators in Arizona vs. United States

Open Letter to U.S. Supreme Court Backs State Action on Immigration Laws

Alexandria, VA (April 24, 2012) – Negative Population Growth members from Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah have publicly gone on record urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the actions of their legislatures regarding illegal immigration enforcement.
With the nation’s highest court scheduled to hear oral arguments inArizona v. United States on April 25th, NPG activists from these key states have sponsored an ad in The Washington Times National Weekly asking the justices to let the Arizona law stand as a necessary and effective measure.

Their plea addresses the vital need for states to take independent action in bolstering “an inferior federal immigration system.” They note: “All of the state legislators who are taking the lead by supplementing enforcement of current federal immigration laws are acting at the bequest – and with the full support – of frustrated citizens.  For years, the vast majority of states have been forced to carry an excessive social and fiscal burden that can be traced directly to the federal government’s failure to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.  This simply cannot be allowed to continue without our states having the recourse to protect the property and jobs of their citizens.”

Commenting on the ad, NPG President Donald Mann said:  “We are proud to see NPG members speak out on this critical issue.  We all recognize that immigration should fall under the purview of the federal government.  However, Washington has totally abdicated their responsibilities in this area leaving the states little choice but to step forward, take independent action, and see that existing laws are enforced.”

Mann continued:  “Illegal immigration is costing individual states hundreds of millions – often billions – of dollars each year.  At a time when most states are facing major budget deficits, local leaders have a responsibility to do all in their power to severely reduce these extraordinary expenses.”

NPG members ended their letter to the Supreme Court justices by stating:  “In all, your decision in Arizona v. United States will have a profound and lasting impact.  It will determine whether our nation and citizens can protect our future or whether we fall victim to an unacceptable immigration system, complete with ineffective federal enforcement policies, which will radically undermine our laws and change our nation.”

Founded in 1972, Negative Population Growth is the nation’s premier organization dedicated to responsible population and immigration reform.

A final decision in Arizona v. United States is expected by the U.S. Supreme Court before it adjourns at the end of June.


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