NPG Supports Immigration Agent’s Lawsuits to Fulfill their Duties

Says America’s Best Interests Are Served by Enforcement of Immigration Laws

Alexandria, VA (August 29, 2012) – Negative Population Growth (NPG) announced today that it stands in full support of the ten U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who filed a lawsuit in Texas last week, hoping to overturn the Obama Administration’s new deferred deportation policy. This policy permits an estimated 1.8 million illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. and gain lawful employment status.

A national organization that advocates enforcement of current U.S. immigration laws, NPG has condemned the new initiative as seriously undermining efforts to halt illegal immigration and a major setback to responsibly addressing America’s immigration and population problems.

The ICE agents’ lawsuit holds forth that the White House directive has abrogated Congress’ authority to set immigration policies. They also contend that President Obama’s policies force agents to violate existing federal laws. Current legislation requires agents to place those who enter the U.S. illegally into deportation proceedings. Should they fail to heed the new orders of their superiors at DHS, agents risk reprimand and even a lack of career advancement.

Mann stated that: “NPG is in agreement with the plaintiffs, who claim that the president’s directive is unconstitutional. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has neither the precedent nor the authority of any law passed by Congress.”

“The result,” Mann continued, “is that long-serving, dedicated federal agents are being forced to forego their lawful responsibilities and simply rubber stamp applications under this program. With a lack of safeguards in place, the program could easily spin out of control – hundreds of thousands of individuals who are ineligible could fraudulently benefit.”

Mann concluded: “We are witnessing an almost total breakdown of enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. It is crucial that we stand with these brave, loyal agents on the front lines of this fight. They understand the consequences and what is truly at stake, which is why they are holding fast to secure our borders and maintain the integrity of their intended duty.”


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