NPG Report Offers Alternative Option for Majority of Nation’s Illegal Aliens

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NPG Report Offers Alternative Option for Majority of Nation’s Illegal Aliens

Proposal grants substantial compensation for qualifying immigrants who voluntarily depart the U.S., offers compromise between hard right and left proposals.

Alexandria, VA (April 25, 2017) – Observing that mass immigration has by default become the nation’s de facto population policy – and that elected officials are struggling to effectively address the estimated population of 11 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S., Negative Population Growth (NPG) has released a new Forum paper today.  The paper, Formulating Immigration Policy in a Time of Reform:  A Plan for the Compensated Repatriation of Illegal Aliens, restates NPG’s call for enforcement of existing immigration laws and the elimination wherever possible of illegal immigration.  In addition, the paper outlines a step-by-step proposal to encourage qualifying illegal aliens to voluntarily depart the U.S. in exchange for transportation and a cash subsidy of at least $13,200 per adult, $1,000 per dependent minor, and a resettlement allowance of $1,000 per adult.

In an effort to illustrate the negative impacts of unlawful migration, the report includes analysis of both U.S. population growth and economic consequences.  Author John Thompson notes that under our present system, “over the expected life of these individuals, the total deficit would amount to $2.9 trillion.”  Under his proposed Compensated Repatriation program, the projected cost falls to just $476 billion – far less expensive than other options such as the “Gang of Eight Amnesty” or “Enforcement Only.”  Thompson explains:  “policies that result in the departure of illegal aliens involve immediate costs – but reduce costs in the long run by diminishing welfare expenditure.”  After assessing the colossal expense of our current system, Thompson adds:  “those who support allowing illegal aliens to remain or granting them amnesty should be required to justify placing a burden of this magnitude on the American people.” 

When it comes to the sheer number of immigrants in question, Thompson highlights: “The Pew Center estimates that America’s illegal alien population consists of approximately 6 million men, 4 million women, and 1.5 million children – as well as 4 million children born in the United States whose parents are illegal aliens.”  He adds:  “If Compensated Repatriation is executed as suggested… the illegal alien population would be reduced by at least 10 million…  This alone would make an enormous contribution to the goal of restraining population growth.”

NPG President Donald Mann stated:  “NPG has long warned about the dangerous impacts of illegal immigration on U.S. population growth, and we applaud this alternative solution.  Filled with shocking statistics, Thompson’s work demonstrates the true population and fiscal implications of today’s illegal immigration crisis.”   Mann added:  “Thompson’s work highlights the glaring need to resolve our nation’s present illegal immigration crisis.  The cost has reached unprecedented and dangerous levels, and it does not serve the best interests of America to continue our present course.  Hopefully, Thompson’s Compensated Repatriation plan can provide the viable solution that our elected officials in Washington, DC are in need of.”




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World population, now over 7.3 billion, is predicted to rise to 9 billion by 2050, an increase of almost two billion, or 23%, in the short space of only 34 years from now.In the highly unlikely event that per capita greenhouse gas emissions could possibly be decreased by an equal percentage in such a short space of time (a blink of an eye) the total amount of worldwide emission would remain the same!

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