Notable Papers and Articles

The NPG Forum series has for many years been an effective method for us to bring interesting perspectives concerning the connection between population growth and other national issues to our members, our nation’s political leaders, and other interested parties. Our papers have covered topics ranging from environmental degradation and resource depletion to social security reform and a steady-state economy. Our Forum papers are written by some of the leading scholars in the various fields we study.

In order to draw much-needed attention to additional resources, NPG will now begin to highlight the work of other parties in our new Notable Papers and Articles section. We feel these papers and articles provide additional perspectives on the issues we study here at NPG. We are happy to be able to distribute them to a broader readership.

Papers other than NPG Policy Statement and Position Papers represent ideas that we believe should be disseminated but do not necessarily represent the views of NPG.

Please watch our website for periodic updates. We welcome your feedback on these articles and encourage suggestions for future postings.



U.S. Immigration and the Limits of Supporting Earth Resources by Walter Youngquist — courtesy of The Social Contract
World On The Edge by Lester R. Brown — A Review Essay by Andrew R.B. Ferguson
Immigration, Energy and The Environment by Jack L. Martin – courtesy of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
The Effect of Massive Immigration on Population Change by John L. Martin – courtesy of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
Projecting the U.S. Population to 2050: Four Immigration Scenarios by Jack Martin and Stanley Fogel – courtesy of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
The Realities of Peak Oil—A Reply to Professor Harbaugh by Walter Youngquist, Ph.D. – courtesy of The Social Contract
Six Inconvenient Truths by Andrew R.B. Ferguson
Scientific American and the Silent Lie
by Albert A. Bartlett
Population and the American Predicament: The Case Against Complacency
By John P. Holdren
100 Million More Projecting the Impact of Immigration On the U.S. Population, 2007 to 2060 By Steven A. Camarota
Peak Oil, Carrying Capacity and Overshoot: Population, the Elephant in the Room  by Paul Chefurka


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