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Deputy Director’s Corner: Earth Overshoot Day

Deputy Director’s Corner Earth Overshoot Day 2016 Each year, we mark the day when human demand surpasses what our planet can renew… NPG Deputy Director Tracy Canada can be reached by email at According to the Earth Overshoot Day website: “On August 8, 2016 we will have used as much from nature as our […]

Today is World Population Day…

NPG wants to make sure you’ve had the opportunity to watch our all-new short video series: The Sources and Effects of Growth.  Environmental issues are on the minds of most Americans today – yet many of the facts and statistics of overpopulation remain largely unknown to the general public.  As a way to raise awareness […]

Deputy Director’s Corner

Deputy Director’s Corner NPG Deputy Director Tracy Canada can be reached by email at Recently, there seems to have been a flurry of activity in Congress surrounding immigration and population issues. Thankfully, not all of the action has been a blow to those of us concerned with U.S. population growth! Earlier this year, U.S. […]

Sign NPG’s Petition to End Sanctuary Cities NOW!

In response to the Senate voting down much-needed Sanctuary Cities legislation last week, NPG has issued a Press Release to make our position known to the national media. If passed, the “Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act” would have permitted federal funding to be withheld from cities that offer protection to illegal aliens. Unfortunately, by refusing […]

Today is World Population Day…

 Today is World Population Day… …and Earth will add over 200,000 people by the time it’s over. According to the Census Bureau, America will grow by an average of 1 person every 11 seconds today. And by this time next year, we’ll have added over 2.6 million people – roughly the population of the city […]

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