Tomorrow, the world will observe a new holiday – one that could make a huge difference in global and U.S. population numbers!

Join us tommorow, as people around the world celebrate “World Vasectomy Day”


What is World Vasectomy Day?

According to the World Vasectomy Day website, “Filmmaker and media activist Jonathon Slack and urologist and vasectomist Doug Stein, MD, joined forces in 2012 to tell the story of human population’s impact on the planet.  World Vasectomy Day (WVD) sprang from this alliance.” 

Designed as “an educational event to promote greater understanding and participation by men in family planning,” WVD celebrates “vasectomy providers, the organizations who support family planning, and the stories of men who make the choice to do right by themselves, their families, and our future.”

WVD has five primary objectives:image011

  1. Improve awareness of vasectomy as a secure and safe family planning option for men.
  2. Increase access to high-quality vasectomies worldwide.
  3. Support women, who too often carry sole responsibility and burden for family planning.
  4. Inspire men, including those for whom a vasectomy is not the right option, to participate in the most important conversation of our lives.
  5. Harness the power of storytelling to build a community of engaged participants committed to making and leaving a better world.



Where will WVD 2015 be celebrated?

Each November, hundreds of doctors around the world join forces with the WVD movement and

perform thousands of voluntary vasectomies – which are broadcast live worldwide.  It’s all part of the effort to begin a global dialogue about the role of men in family planning.

Last year, “over 500 doctors in 32 countries performed an estimated 3,000 vasectomies, making WVD 2014 the largest male-oriented family planning event in history.

The WVD website even has a list of doctors around the world who have participated in WVD by performing vasectomies.  (Click here to see the list, or consult your physician for a list of providers in your area.)


Why is NPG supporting WVD?

  1. It encourages more people to become involved in the responsibility of family planning.
  2. For the sake of our children’s future.
  3. For men who do not want additional children, a vasectomy is the most effective option available.
  4. Not to deny the joy of parenthood, but to increase the quality of life of those who are already alive.
  5. By voluntarily having fewer children, Americans can do a fairer job of sharing our planet’s finite resources.
  6. Because our future depends on achieving a much smaller, truly sustainable population size.
  7. To encourage a global dialogue about family size – and how this very personal decision impacts us all.


donate-LIGHTBLUEHow can I help support WVD?

If you want to participate in this global event, the WVD website has a list of what you can do.  From blogging to social media posts, hosting a WVD event or even sharing your story – there are a wide range of ways to join the celebration!


Stand Beside NPG in our Critical Missionjoinus-lightblue

NPG has been working since 1972 for many of the same goals!  We advocate broad, public dialogue about family planning – and smaller family sizes to protect our environment.  We’re working to protect America’s future by reducing our population size!


There is no remedy that can possibly avert disastrous Climate Change and Global Warming unless we first address the problem of world population size and growth, and its impact on the size of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.That means that we need to address the population size and growth of each nation, which together make up the world total.

World population, now over 7.3 billion, is predicted to rise to 9 billion by 2050, an increase of almost two billion, or 23%, in the short space of only 34 years from now.In the highly unlikely event that per capita greenhouse gas emissions could possibly be decreased by an equal percentage in such a short space of time (a blink of an eye) the total amount of worldwide emission would remain the same!

From this simple illustration it would appear that without drastically reducing the size of world population, there is no solution to the problem.None at all.So then why do our world leaders pretend that there is one?What is to be gained by pretending rather than by proposing a solution that would solve the problem – a reduction in the size of world population to not more than 1- 2 billion?
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