URGENT: Sign NPG’s Petition to END Sanctuary Cities!


Sign NPG’s Petition to END Sanctuary Cities!

For many years, NPG has asked:  “what will it take for our elected leaders to get serious about enforcing current immigration laws?”  Thankfully, it appears that our leaders may finally be listening! 
U.S. Representative John Culberson (R-TX), Chairman of a House Appropriations Subcommittee, recently wrote a scathing letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.  Culberson demanded that the Department of Justice (DOJ) immediately act to enforce our nation’s immigration laws – or he will work to revoke federal funding for sanctuary cities. 
Specifically, Culberson states:  “The Department should work with state and local jurisdictions to change their illegal sanctuary policies.  If they refuse, the Department should… compel the jurisdiction to comply with Federal law.” 
Simply put, Culberson is requiring that any jurisdiction requesting federal law enforcement funding should actually be required to enforce the law.
After more than 3 weeks, the DOJ finally answered Congress’ call to the carpet.  Assistant U.S. Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik wrote a letter back to the Subcommittee addressing Culberson’s concerns.  Unfortunately… it was just more of the same reckless immigration policies that we have seen in recent years from the Obama Administration. 
Kadzik did his best to assure Congress – and millions of concerned Americans – that the DOJ is taking this vital matter seriously.  However, the facts of his letter are much less promising.
Kadzik states:  “We can advise that all applicants for… funds already are required to assure and certify that they are in compliance with all applicable federal laws….”  Conveniently, Kadzik fails to outline which laws are “applicable” to the DOJ when they process applications for federal funding. 
Kadzik’s letter also goes on to say that when the DOJ “receives a credible allegation” that a jurisdiction has “violated a specific applicable federal law, the Department can potentially seek criminal or civil enforcement options against the entity.” 
What exactly does the DOJ consider a “credible allegation?”
Why not the frequent complaints of local and state law enforcement organizations – some of whom have sued the government because these policies prohibit them from actually enforcing the law?  Perhaps most disturbingly, the Assistant U.S. Attorney General officially stated that the DOJ could “potentially” pursue enforcement
Why did Kadzik not assure Congress that his office “will absolutely enforce” our nation’s laws?  Apparently, the U.S. Department of Justice believes it is appropriate to spend YOUR hard-earned tax dollars on “law enforcement” …but only enforcement of laws the White House agrees with.
The DOJ and the White House have totally lost sight of their primary mission.  They have put the interests of illegal aliens – who have no regard for our laws – over the interests of citizens who need and deserve to live in safe and law-abiding communities.

Congress is seeking to force sanctuary cities to change their policies.  But the Obama Administration is standing in the way – and they won’t budge, unless he is forced to by citizens like YOU.

That is why I need you to do TWO THINGS TODAY to help NPG build a national anti-sanctuary cities grassroots movement.  Together, we can use our status as one of the most powerful organizations working for responsible population and immigration policies to stop this insanity!
First, I am asking that RIGHT NOW you sign
Your signature will help us make clear – of all of the dangers of current White House immigration policies, the very existence of sanctuary cities puts the safety of Americans at risk, makes a mockery of our immigration laws, and encourages millions more illegal immigrants to come to America.  This madness must come to a halt!
SECOND, I need you to back your petition with a generous tax-deductible contribution of $50, $30, or even just $20 to help us launch and sustain this vital national campaign in the months ahead.  We need your help RIGHT NOW to keep the pressure on!
Your signature and contribution today will help us maintain this critical momentum to stop immigration-driven population growth!  With your help, we can keep this vital issue front and center in the national spotlight – and encourage Congress and the DOJ to strike down all sanctuary cities!

Thank you again for your loyal support

in the fight for America’s future!




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