NPG Short Video Series: The Sources and Effects of Growth

NPG Short Video Series: The Sources and Effects of Growth

Environmental issues are on the minds of most Americans today.  Though there is an abundance of studies detailing the negative environmental impact of overpopulation in the U.S., many of the facts and statistics remain largely unknown to the general public.  As a way to raise awareness of this critical issue, NPG has produced a series of short videos, running approximately 2 minutes each.  Each of the short films captures a different aspect of the debate over U.S. population growth:   

Film 1 – The Sources of Growth

Film 2 – The Effects of Growth:  Sprawl and Development

Film 3 – The Effects of Growth:  Environmental Damage

These powerful tools can help millions of Americans draw the link between population growth and the resulting environmental consequences.  The films will be promoted through NPG’s website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), offered within NPG Teacher’s Packets to reach educators and students nationwide, and embedded within NPG’s national Press Releases – which reach a subscribed collective audience of hundreds of millions of readers every year! 


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