America’s Future Demands That We Slash Legal Immigration Today!

This ad appeared in the Washington Times on October 18, 2017. Please click the photo to view the add as it appeared in the Washington Times. AMERICA’S FUTURE DEMANDS THAT WE SLASH LEGAL IMMIGRATION TODAY! As Americans debate our current immigration crisis and focus on how to stop the flow of illegal aliens into our country, […]

How Will America Handle 400 Million People by Mid-Century?

This ad appeared in the Washington Times on October 2, 2017. Please click the photo to view the add as it appeared in the Washington Times. HOW WILL AMERICA HANDLE 400 MILLION PEOPLE BY MID-CENTURY? It’s long past time for a major correction in our nation’s immigration and population policies. Failure to take action soon will […]

Ever Increasing Immigration is Not Necessary to Keep U.S. Economy Growing

“It’s time to abandon the notion that a growing population equals a growing economy.”  That’s the thesis behind a newly issued Forum Paper from Negative Population Growth (NPG), a national non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the size and growth of U.S. population.  This new research is presented by Edwin S. Rubenstein in a paper titled:  To Grow the Economy Increase Human Capital, Not the Number of Humans.[…]

NPG Paper Denounces GOP Pushes to Gut Planned Parenthood and ACA

New report finds that short-sighted agendas of “Trump Era” politicians are driving new U.S. policies, which may dangerously increase population size and growth.
After repeated Congressional attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Negative Population Growth (NPG) will release a new Forum paper today.  The NPG report analyzes the impact of current conservative stances on both reproductive healthcare and foreign aid policy, finding that each will likely result in decreased access to contraceptive and family planning resources for millions. […]

Resurgent Pro-Natalism in the Trump Administration

Historically, the primary determinant of U.S. population size has been fertility – a topic associated with some of the most polarizing issues in American politics, now particularly health care policy. While net foreign immigration will soon replace fertility as the primary source of U. S. growth, shockingly high fertility rates in major sending regions (such as Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia) are significant drivers of immigration. Therefore, to[…]

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