Majority of Americans Support Tough Action against Illegal Entry and Residence; Favor Lower Legal Immigration and Population Growth

Two Americans in three (68 percent) agree that the United States should set a goal of completely halting new illegal immigration. Over half (55 percent) support the related goal of reducing the population of 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants now residing in the United States “to near zero.” These were among the key findings […]

Americans Talk About Illegal Immigration – Poll Results (2006)

Table of Contents Introduction and Method Overview I. General Attitudes Toward Immigration II. Approval of Methods to Deal With Illegal Immigration Sample Demography Poll Questions Introduction and Method Overview This survey was undertaken on behalf of Negative Population Growth to explore several issues surrounding American attitudes toward illegal immigration and to gauge support for various […]

Proposed National Population Policy

NPG believes that a national policy to turn U.S. population growth around is critically needed. (See the Position Papers and the FORUM series in the Publications List on our web site, In this paper, we offer a series of specific proposals as to how to accomplish that goal. We recognize the political resistances in the way of […]


by Andrew R.B. Ferguson In the film An Inconvenient Truth, ex vice-president Al Gore presents the facts about climate change. It is a bravura performance. He makes use of brilliant presentational techniques to put before us all relevant current knowledge about climate change. He lightens the factual burden with humour, and by including some interesting […]

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