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Today’s news is full of stories directly related to the causes and effects of population growth.
NPG consistently stays up-to-date on these current events as they unfold, and we frequently issue
press releases stating our position on the issues at hand.
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NPG Condemns Obama Immigration Order

Asserts that Rigorous Deportation Program is Essential Element in an Effective Immigration Policy Alexandria, VA (June 19, 2012) – Negative Population Growth (NPG) President Donald Mann forcefully denounced the Obama Administration’s new policy that will immediately stop deportations and start granting work permits for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants now in the U.S. […]

NPG Members Support State Legislators in Arizona vs. United States

Open Letter to U.S. Supreme Court Backs State Action on Immigration Laws Alexandria, VA (April 24, 2012) – Negative Population Growth members from Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah have publicly gone on record urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the actions of their legislatures regarding illegal immigration enforcement. With the nation’s […]

Negative Population Growth Marks 40th Anniversary

Founder Lauds Accomplishments and Outlines Challenges Alexandria, VA (March 26, 2012) – Negative Population Growth (NPG) President Donald Mann has heralded the group’s 40th Anniversary this spring with a call for all Americans to pressure their elected leaders to slow and halt the nation’s fast-rising population numbers before they spin out of control and cause […]

Video Scholarship Contest Announced by NPG!

Contest for Six Scholarships and $7,500 Open to Creative Students Alexandria, VA (February 28, 2012)—Negative Population Growth (NPG) President Donald Mann has issued an open invitation to film and video production students at the college level (as well as college-bound high school seniors) to join in a major scholarship contest that is part of NPG’s […]

NPG Applauds Supreme Court Decision on E-Verify

Encourages more State Legislatures to Take the Lead on Fighting the War Against Illegal Immigration Alexandria, VA (May 27, 2011)—Negative Population Growth (NPG) President Don Mann has highly praised the U.S. Supreme Court’s action in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting which upheld Arizona’s law that allows the state to suspend the licenses of businesses for hiring workers […]

NPG Condemns Lame-Duck Action on Amnesty

Declares Voter by Defeated Members of Congress to be an “Insult to Democracy” Alexandria, VA (November 16, 2010)—Negative Population Growth (NPG) President Don Mann called on Congressional leaders to put off any vote on immigration reform until January 2011 when the newly elected members of the 112th Congress take office. Working to derail a move […]

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