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William Davison – One of 2012’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Winners

By William Davison Reviewing the facts associated with the population growth in America produces alarming thoughts about the future of this country. Without a dramatic change in the rate of growth, the United States could be headed for many difficulties. The country will experience negative impacts socially, environmentally and economically. Education is one area that will […]

Bailey Cassidy – One of 2012’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Winners

Projected Population Growth: A Negative Prospect in Need of ControlBy Bailey Cassidy The population of the United States is projected to reach 438 million within the next 40 years if no critical changes are made. This is an alarming statistic considering the current population is approximately 312 million and already struggling to distribute scarce resources amongst […]

Sarah Abohana – One of 2012’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Winners

By Sarah Abohana “O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…” very few songs symbolize our country better than the words of “America the Beautiful,” a song written in the 1890s which was heard then by a population of about 63,000,000 Americans (Census of Population and Housing, Much has changed since the 1890s. […]

Corey Gier – One of 2012’s $1,000 Scholarship Essay Winners

An Underestimated IssueBy Corey Gier Poverty.  Health Care.  Economic Instability.  All of these are issues that the people of the United States are readily aware of.  There will always be problems existing in our country.  But a problem that is not commonly considered is the one concerning our steadily growing population.  Many negative effects socially, economically, […]

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