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Hartland McDonald – $1,000 Winner of the 2013 NPG Essay Scholarship Contest

Hardly a day goes by when a report on the world’s ruinous finances isn’t mentioned.  Scary phrases like “fiscal cliff” and threats of economic Armageddon are common.  I find it ironic that so much emphasis is being put on people living within their financial budget, but no thought is ever given to living within the earth’s budget.  […]

Jayme Pruett – Hunter $1,000 Winner of the 2013 NPG Essay Scholarship Contest

Talking about Population Growth:  The First Step to Sustainability

In the year 2011 the world population exceeded 7 billion, with over 315,000,000 people in the United States alone. These numbers should be alarming, yet overpopulation is still treated like a taboo subject. We need to address the 7 billion “elephants in the room” in order to ensure quality of life for my and future generations. In the United States […]

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