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Joseph Wagner – $2,000 Winner

by Joseph Wagner – Gonzaga University, Spokane WA We are currently at a crossroads in our country’s history and the United States’ leadership is needed on the world stage now more than ever. Our own unsustainable desire for growth has resulted in Climate Change; from rising seas that threaten coastal cities to massive droughts that […]

Grant Kleiman – $1,000 Winner

by Grant Kleiman – Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN The Population Elevator Keeps Going Up Imagine you’re on an elevator and twelve people get on. Your face is squashed against the wall. The smell of aftershave and body odor makes you nauseous. The elevator stops and someone else tries to get on. “Get lost!” someone […]

Caitlin Stock – $1,000 Winner

by Caitlin Stock – Brigham Young University, Provo, UT It is disheartening to hear rampant crime rates, natural disasters, and environmental pollution are on the rise.  It is painful to imagine thousands of people born into poverty every year with little chance of success.  It is uncomfortable to picture overburdened infrastructure in overcrowded cities, inadequate living conditions […]

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