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The Effects Of Growth: Environmental Damage

In this third video of the new series, NPG analyzes the effects of U.S. population growth – specifically when it comes to irreversible damage to our fragile environment.  We break down the complex topic into bite-sized pieces, so that the average American can gain a better understanding of the true impact of our nation’s growth. […]

The Choice to be Childfree: An Increasing Factor in U.S. Population Growth

A recent article in HuffPost Women discussed the increasing number of American women who are opting out of motherhood.  Titled Childfree by Choice:  How Women are Redefining Tomorrow’s Family, the piece took a pro-feminist position on the trend – as educational and employment opportunities for women improve, they are freer from the social expectation of maternity […]

NPG Releases New Position Paper Urgently Needed Now: A National Policy to Reduce U.S. Population

NPG Releases New Position PaperUrgently Needed Now:  A National Policy to Reduce U.S. Population Sees Census Bureau projections as evidence for critical needto slow, halt, and eventually reverse U.S. population growth. View this release on PRWeb. This press release was picked up by 279 news outlets across the country, including: The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Sacramento Bee, […]

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