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NPG Staff Interviewed for Washington Times Article on Overpopulation & Immigration

A recent Washington Times – Communities article by Joseph Cotto accurately addresses the real issue when it comes to America’s immigration problem.  Titled “Overpopulation:  Illegal immigration is about more than ethnic identity,” Cotto’s article focuses on the critical (yet widely ignored) element of America’s population growth as it relates to immigration.  After interviewing NPG’s Executive […]

NPG President: Population Pressures Demand That U.S. Renounce Cherished Goal of Economic Growth

Alexandria, VA – There is a limit to how fast and how far the American economy can grow – and we’re approaching it soon. That’s the message Negative Population Growth’s president, Donald Mann, has posted on the organization’s website, www.NPG.org. Mann, who has headed up NPG since its founding in 1972, is advocating that the […]

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